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Nikki  and Jamal
Nikki  and Jamal

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Our Story

On their first date, Jamal said to Nikki "I'm actually half Persian." Nikki then said "OH MY GOSH I'M HALF PERSIAN. Let me tell you all about my cousins Sanam, Sasha, Sarah, Sasan..." And so it came to pass that Nikki and Jamal would be meant for each other, because as they say, two half Persians equals one pretty good Persian. Being Persian is not all that Nikki and Jamal have in common. They fell in love bonding over a multitude of things from watching 1990s action movies to enjoying strawberry daiquiris on Caribbean beaches. Nikki and Jamal always say to each other "we make a great team" and they are so excited to welcome all family and friends to their wedding who have helped make this team what it is today.